Simpra Suite

Digital eco-system containing a variety tools to simplify the daily challenges of restaurateurs.

About Simpra Suite

Simpra is a digital eco-system which contains a variety of cloud based features and tools to simplify the daily challenges of restaurateurs. Simpra supports your business with modules such as POS, Reservations, Order-at-the-table, Order-to-the-room, Loyalty Programs, Stock-Management and strong F&B-Analytics.

Introducing Simpra - a Simple and Practical Restaurant Operation System.

Meet our brand new cloud-based F&B operation system, Simpra. It not only provides you with the flexibility and advantages of a cloud-based system; it also saves you costly infrastructure investments. And, in addition, its intuitive design makes it easy to learn; saving your operations team time and training expenses.

Integration features

Direct charge to an apaleo account

System can look for a reservation, post a charge and the payment directly to apaleo account.

Be on top of everything with POS reporting

Simpra POS provides comperhansive reporting regarding the restaurant charges and payments.


Basic Licence
34 €/monthlyFree for 14 days