Tevalis EPos

Increase your speed of service with our powerful EPOS system, tailored to meet your specific needs.

About Tevalis EPos

Tevalis Epos is a point of sale system that is configurable to the design and requirements of the client. Manage areas of your venue with customisable floorplans, analyse data for sales, monitor product stock, make use of automated promotions, and explore the usage of other integrated systems: property management, customer relationship management, payments and more.

Table Management
Easily manage all areas of your venue with fully customisable floor plans: increase speed of service with quick table tools, visual table status indicators.
EPOS Designer
Our bespoke POS system build tool is tailored to each operation’s exact requirements for design and functionality: easily add new buttons and functions, full customisation of fonts and colours.
Operations Dashboard
Quickly analyse data on-site in one easy-to-view space at your point of sale: monitor products low in stock, analyse daily sales against daily labour costs, keep accurate track of spends.
Product Promotions
With automated promotions in place, simply put your order through and let the POS system do the work: reduce human error, influence customer spending habits, easily set up definable discounts.

Integration features

Reservation Lookup

Easily search for reservations to link to transactions using the reservation lookup function. Perform the search using either the room number or the guest name. When a search using the guest name returns multiple results, you can select the specific reservation.

Post Charge To Room

Post transaction items and tips to a room reservation using a preconfigured tender in the payment screen. These charges will appear against the folio of the guest in Apaleo.

Post Charge To External Folios

When executing a Z-report, any non-reservation charges, tips, and payments will be posted to a newly created external folio within Apaleo.


Tevalis EPos has not shared public pricing.