YieldPlanet Channel Manager

YieldPlanet is a premium software provider focused on hotel revenue and channel management.
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About YieldPlanet Channel Manager

YieldPlanet's solutions are used by over 15 000 properties from over 60 countries. We have offices in Warsaw, Barcelona and Lucerne.

YieldPlanet's Channel Manager is a single point of control for all your distribution channels – from OTAs to GDSes and wholesalers. It is easily synchronized with your PMS. We offer probably the industry’s most flexible distribution solution that enables distribution how you want it to be – without limitations.

We are integrated with almost 500 channels to help you reach a global market. Our partners include not only PMSes, but also OTAs, Sharing Economy OTAs, Tour Operators, wholesalers, CRSes, GDSes, RMSes, mobile apps, metasearches and booking engines.


Save time by managing all your online distribution from a single point of control.

User-friendly interface

Calculate and update all offers to the connected channels with an easy-to-use channel management tool.

Improved distribution

Optimize your online distribution by working with a balanced array of channels.


Every property is different and so should be your distribution strategy. You can easily differentiate rates and inventory sent to OTAs. Manage your rates in multiple currencies or set rules triggering rate changes in high season.

Revenue rules

Define the base room type, rate plan and price rules and let the Channel Manager calculate all rate plans for all room types automatically. Predefine up to 20 schemes with individual room and rate plan prices and assign them to grid levels. The Central Allotment function keeps track of bookings and cancellations to adjust the inventory and transmit updated availability to all channels.


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