Cloud-based mobile keys and IoT locks
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4SUITES is a unique system of connected hardware and software, powered by the Internet of Things, that brings intelligent access solutions to hotels. Hotels can choose a simple upgrade of their existing locks or delivery of brand new locks.

  • Mobile keys without an app.
  • Lock upgrades that transform existing locks into intelligent, connected devices.
  • Locks for new build- and renovation projects.
  • Fully automated for hotels.
  • Absolutely seamless for guests.
  • Real-time management & insights.
  • Unbounded interconnectivity and integrations.
  • 100% cloud-based intelligent access technology
Cloud-based mobile keys & IoT locks (No App)
4SUITES offers fully cloud-connected hotel door locks, lock upgrades, mobile keys, and a cloud management platform for real-time monitoring and access control.
Realtime access management and insights
Mobile keys can be easily managed and updated through the 4SUITES Manager platform, enabling hotels to grant or revoke access with ease and remotely if required.
Cut costs with mobile keys
Introducing mobile keys gives hotels the option to reduce their reception staff and let them focus on the guest experience. No need for an expensive kiosk or check-in terminal and expensive keycards.
Fully automated integration with Apaleo
Apaleo's cloud-based PMS allows for real-time updates of guest data. 4SUITES's keyless entry system can also update guest access rights in real time. No need to manually update the keycard.

Integration features

Seamlessly retrieve guest reservation data from Apaleo

The cloud-based locks retrieve real-time guest data over the cloud from Apaleo, so the guest's mobile key will never be outdated during their stay.


4SUITES has not shared public pricing.