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AI-powered management tool for housekeeping, maintenance & cross-departmental communication
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About AI Maid Help

AI Maid Help is the most comprehensive Tasks and Collaboration management solution, interfacing with Housekeeping, Maintenance & Repair and Front of the House or centralised Guest Services.

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, which is used in the daily handling of room cleaning tasks. This feature is also a very useful tool for staff induction, on-the-job training and to reduce time-consuming live room checks after cleaning. AI Maid Help is the first Hospitality Tech application that uses AI technology to support operational processes and enhance the professionalism and performance of your Housekeeping team members.

Designed by hospitality industry professionals, this application is specifically engineered for use in contactless hospitality business models, remote property management as well as for traditionally managed hotels.

AI Maid Help enables property owners/operators to streamline their operational workflow, ensure real-time communication between team members, resolve day-to-day issues, and provide powerful reporting for operational analysis.

Other integrated features include

Dashboard: All the information you need at your fingertips, such as a weekly occupancy forecast, how many team members are on duty to complete tasks, the amount of housekeeping and maintenance work in the public areas, back of house and on-site offices, queue rooms and the progress of all daily tasks at a glance.

Lost & Found: Found items can be reported directly from the room attendant's mobile app and seamlessly recorded in the web app for future reference and handling.

Reservation requests: We manage guest requests and allocate these tasks to ensure they receive the best possible attention.

Reporting: This feature provides you with meaningful data that can be easily extracted in either VC or XLS format for more effective analysis.

Housekeeping Task Management
Manage all cleaning tasks, not only for rooms (including lead time tracking and AI performance evaluation), but also for public areas, back of house and on-site offices.
Maintenance & Repair Task Management
Manages daily maintenance issues and scheduled preventive maintenance work in all areas of the property. It handles both in-house technicians and external contractors.
Communication Tool
Easy communication between all team members and with external contractors through our integrated messaging system. For maximum transparency, all messages can be tracked in the web application.
Android & iOS Mobile app
Task and issue workload at a glance, task status updates, AI Assistant and remote room check after cleaning function, messaging system, maintenance issues and lost & found reporting.

Integration features


Retrieves data for a weekly occupancy forecast to assess cleaning staffing requirements, as well as queuing rooms and daily occupancy circle graphs.


After cleaning and inspection, the current condition of the room is automatically updated in the PMS.

Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance slots created in PMS are retrieved for processing. Maintenance issues reported from the mobile app and assigned to either an in-house technician or an external contractor create a maintenance slot in PMS. Maintenance statuses and resolution times are set and updated upon resolution.


Free Trial

30 day free trial. During this time, status updates are not sent to PMS to prevent overwriting your units' current status.