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the first AI to proactively execute any PMS based task in your hospitality operations
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About ailean for hospitality

Introducing ailean: The Future of Hospitality Operations

ailean is a pioneering artificial intelligence platform, revolutionizing the way hotels operate. Designed with simplicity and sophistication in mind, ailean seamlessly integrates into your existing tech stack, becoming the silent engine that powers your operations without the need for any technical expertise from your team.

Key Features of ailean:

  1. Effortless Integration: ailean is not just another tool in your arsenal; it's the backbone of your operations. With effortless integration into your current systems, ailean works quietly in the background, ensuring that you don't need to learn new software or dive into the complexities of AI.

  2. Beyond a Digital Assistant: ailean is redefining the role of AI in hospitality. Far from being a simple chatbot, ailean is an operational AI, bridging the gap between conventional digital interactions and true operational autonomy. ailean understands the intricacies of daily hotel operations and proactively manages tasks, from guest communications to managing OTA channels, all without human intervention.

  3. Operational Excellence: At its core, ailean is about enhancing efficiency and the guest experience simultaneously. It's smart, self-operating, and capable of managing a multitude of tasks at once. Whether it's streamlining check-ins, optimizing room assignments, or ensuring guests' needs are met promptly, ailean does it all, setting a new standard in operational excellence.

  4. Visionary Technology: The development of ailean is driven by a vision to empower hoteliers with sophisticated AI technology that not only manages but steers the majority of their operations. As ailean evolves, it aims to take on an even greater role in managing the hotel tech stack, freeing hoteliers to focus on what matters most: delivering exceptional guest experiences.

Embrace the Future With ailean:

Choose ailean and join the vanguard of hotels leveraging groundbreaking AI to streamline operations, enhance guest satisfaction, and redefine the hospitality industry. With ailean, experience the power of operational AI and unlock the potential of your hotel like never before.

Your way to using ailean:

  1. First we invite you to a short call to explain and demo ailean
  2. Then we set-up a "light" version for you to test with ailean your own hotel setup
  3. Ready to "hire" ailean? You answer a selection of questions once so that we can set up ailean. ailean is now trained on your hotel and ready to operate.
Smart AI-Human Handover
ailean knows when to act and when to involve human staff, ensuring guests always receive the most appropriate, personalized service.
Unfailing Consistency
Experience the reliability of AI that never forgets or falters, delivering consistent service quality around the clock for peace of mind.
Consistency in Up & Cross-selling
ailean intelligently upsells and cross-sells, by understanding guests needs enhancing your financial performance effortlessly.
Supreme Guest Satisfaction
Elevate guest experiences with 24/7 support in 125 languages, personalized interactions, and memory of guest preferences for unforgettable stays.

Integration features

Seamless PMS Integration

ailean integrates flawlessly with Apaleo's PMS, enabling real-time data exchange. This ensures that guest information, room availability, and reservations are always up-to-date, facilitating personalized guest experiences and efficient hotel management.

Automated Guest Messaging with AI (more than any chatbot)

Leveraging the Apaleo platform, ailean automates guest communication, delivering timely messages, from booking confirmations, during the stay requests, booking changes, advice about todos, to check-out instructions, in the guest's preferred language, enhancing the guest journey at every step.

Automated Administrative Management

ailean enhances hotel management by autonomously handling bookings, guest profiles, payments, and billing through Apaleo PMS integration. This AI-driven solution boosts efficiency, ensuring smooth operations and superior guest experiences with minimal manual intervention.


Early Adaptors Pioneer Offer

Embrace AI with our Early Adapters Pioneer Package. Lead the tech revolution, boost efficiency, and shape the future of hospitality with us.

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