Amadeus iHotelier CRS

Drive demand, increase direct bookings, and centralize management
Fewer than 10 installs
apaleo Certified

About Amadeus iHotelier CRS

Amadeus’s market-leading iHotelier platform delivers unmatched flexibility and scale of distribution for independent hoteliers and mid-scale chains. Create new demand and increase revenue with our powerful Central Reservations System by automating distribution across web, mobile, voice, travel agent, OTA, and metasearch channels. Centralize management of ARI to decrease the time, effort and cost of distribution. Work with one single vendor to meet all your distribution and reservations requirements.

Ultra-high availability architecture
Fully API-enabled and equipped with fast response times. The scalable design ensures everything you need is set in place to nurture real-time, individualized needs of your enterprise.
CRS-connected revenue management
Control pricing and yield management at a central level for a consolidated revenue strategy, and eliminates any need to log in to your PMS and RMS.
Corporate control with local flexibility
Maintain brand consistency and control from a central management and administration portal while allowing individual hotels to adjust and customize packages and incentives based on local demands.

Integration features

Availability, prices & restrictions

iHotelier is kept up to date on any changes on availability of inventory, restrictions or prices in Apaleo.

New bookings & booking changes

Bookings created in iHotelier are immediately synched to Apaleo, so that the hotel is ready to receive the guest - and vice versa. When bookings are amended or cancelled in iHotelier, they are immediately changed in Apaleo accordingly - and vice versa.

Group bookings

Groups and group bookings are synchronized between iHotelier and Apaleo.


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