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An add-on that helps to generate pre-defined reports using data from the Apaleo Platform.
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About apaleo for Sheets

An add-on for hoteliers and hotel staff that helps to generate predefined reports using data from the Apaleo Platform.

Read more about this integration and how to connect it to your Apaleo account at this link.

Receivables & Liabilities Report.
This report shows reservations with the non-zero balance on the receivables or liabilities account. With this report the user can understand open balances on each reservation.
City Tax Report
The city tax add on retrieves a city tax report similar to the requirements in HH (rate step based city taxes) or as in Berlin (Net accom. revenue calculation based on the charged city taxes).

Integration features

One-Way Integration.

Make informed decisions with up-to-date data from apaelo inside your google sheets account.



You'll be glad to know that all the insightful reports come at no cost to you!