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About Autohost

Autohost helps hotels and short-term rental operators to check-in guests online, as airlines do, but with advanced guest vetting to help reduce fraud, chargebacks, parties, sex trafficking, and increase revenue.

Increased Revenue Opportunities
When you rely on Autohost to vet and de-risk your reservations, you can confidently remove booking restrictions from your OTAs.
Safety at Scale
Keep your properties safe while growing your portfolio. Autohost introduces a systematic and unbiased process for guest screening that can quickly scale to match any business size.
Chargeback Protection
Flag all types of fraud, including fake profiles, stolen credit cards, and identity theft.
Intelligent guest screening
Using machine learning, we’ve created a dynamic guest-screening process designed to flag risky reservations.

Integration features

Fraud and Chargeback Protection

Flag any suspicious online activity and/or attempts by the guest to evade identification

Screening AI

Analyze every guest, assessing and identifying the reservation's risk level

ID Verification

Validate your guest's ID document and match it with a selfie to verify their identity


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