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Export for the Swiss Statistic Office (HESTA) and the hotel control of the Zurich Canton Police
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About BedayaConnect

Bedaya Connect is a middleware that supports customers to connect apaleo with several systems. Currently, we offer two standard exports:

  1. Swiss Federal Statistic Office: This export is for Swiss customers that need to send their hotel statistics to the Swiss Federal Statistic Office every month. Bedaya automates this process. The price is 10 CHF/EUR per month and property.

  2. Hotel Control Zurich: The data of all guests that are in-house at the current day are sent to the Zurich Cantonal Police (Hotelkontrolle). The price is 50CHF/EUR per month and property if the upload is done by a Bedaya Cloud PC. If you use your own PC the price is 25 CHF/EUR per month and property.

If you need a connection to a system that we don't support yet contact our support at We will evaluate together how we can integrate your system with Apaleo.

Win time
No manual export
Comply with legal requirements
No workarounds, you are compliant in seconds

Integration features

Export hotel statistics

Automatically export and send your monthly statistics

Export guest statistics

Automatically export guest statistics on a daily basis




10 €/monthlyPer property
SIDAP Export

including Cloud PC

50 €/monthlyPer property
SIDAP Export

excluding Cloud PC

25 €/monthlyPer property