BMD Connector

Convert your accounting informations into BMD format and export also payment fee informations.
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About BMD Connector

The BMD Connector was made to bridge the gap between Apaleo accounting data and the accounting software BMD. Via the intuitive user interface its easy to create the mapping and configure how the data should be mapped to your BMD accounts. When an error occurs you are notified via email and can re-run the export with a simple click on a button after updating the mapping informations. Once set up, you can lean back and get all exports every month via email. This system is designed to be 100% self-configurable and can be set up and running without a need for any support. All settlement files of all merchant accounts are searched for payment fees and chargebacks to get this informations also imported into BMD.

Automatic monthly exports via Email
Once the system is configured you'll get monthly accounting exports for each hotel convenient via email.
Transaction Fees export
To get a more complete view on accounting, you get the transactions fees exported from the settlement files.
Chargeback warnings
If the BMD Connector detects chargebacks in the settlements files, you are notified via email.
Create exports for custom period anytime
Besides the regular monthly exports you can create custom exports anytime for a custom period.

Integration features

generates BMD-compatible CSV-Exports from Apaleo transactions

The integration works only one way, so no data is changed in Apaleo. The accounting transactions from Apaleo are only mapped, but no accounting data is changed, all values keep untouched.



BMD Connector for one property paid monthly

25 €/monthlyPer propertyFree for 30 days

BMD Connector for one property paid yearly in advance

20 €/monthlyPer propertyFree for 30 days