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About Breezeway

Breezeway’s award-winning property operations and guest experience platform helps thousands of hospitality operators increase operational efficiency, eliminate manual work, and boost service revenue.

With our mobile app, tailored checklists, and automated workflows, operators can confidently believe every unit is guest-ready. Guest communication has never been easier with our Messaging, Guide, and Assist products. Breezeway is purpose-built to drive elevated guest interactions, ensure in-house issues are quickly resolved, increase guest satisfaction, and reduce the operational burden on your team.

Automate task scheduling
Automate scheduling to smartly assign the right job to the right person at the right time.
Eliminate hours of manual work
Equip your staff with digital checklists and mobile apps for high-quality work and confidence in property-readiness.
Deliver a 5-star guest experience
Organize guest communication so you can send automatic guest messages, extend stays and boost reviews.
Harness data from your systems
Optimize your tech stack by syncing data from Apaleo, and integrate lock, IoT devices, guest amenities, and more.

Integration features

Get rooms in real-time

When you connect Breezeway for the first time, all of your existing rooms in Apaleo will be added automatically.

Get bookings in real-time

When bookings are created or changed in Apaleo, those reservations will be created or updated in Breezeway in real-time.

Get room status in real-time

When your property status changes to ‘Ready’ in Breezeway, it will automatically update the room status to ‘Clean’.


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