Unlock ancillary revenue with our automated AI-powered trip planner.
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About Bridgify

Unlock ancillary revenues with our automated AI-powered trip planner!

Bridgify provides you with an AI-powered personalized travel itinerary, so you can:

  1. Automate concierge services and provide extra value propositions for your guests.
  2. Unlock untapped revenue streams.
  3. Enhance your guest`s experience and your ratings.
  4. Fit our white-labeled solution to your brands' style.

Use this up-selling solution, where every paid experience booked via Bridgify earns you a commission. Unlocking ancillary revenue streams is now easier than ever.

Integration features

Retrieve properties & reservations from apaleo

Bridgify gets the bookings per property to Bridgify on a set time every day to avoid manual manual inputs and automatically send messages to guests.


Travel Assistant

Try Out Bridgify! The 2021 Modern Concierge.

140 €/monthlyPer property