char pmslink for PBX

Universal connector that integrates any telephone system (PBX) with Apaleo
Fewer than 10 installs
apaleo Certified

About char pmslink for PBX

char pmslink is a universal connector that integrates any Telephone System (PBX) with Apaleo and allows the hotel to exploit the full potential of its Telephone System and get the most out of its investment.

It is compatible with more than 50 Telephone System vendors:

  • Grandstream
  • Yeastar
  • Alcatel
  • Cisco
  • Sangoma
  • and more...

The Hotel is able to:

  • Automatically include guest calls into Apaleo interface.
  • Easily use in-room telephones to communicate room status changes, minibar charges, etc. to Apaleo.
  • Allow outgoing calls when the guest Check-In is done.
  • Restrict outgoing calls from unoccupied rooms or for appropriate guest profiles.
  • Control the attention given to guest calls: unattended calls, total attended calls, busiest hours, etc.
  • Set and control wake up calls and reminders from Apaleo User Interface.
  • Monitor hotel staff telephony consumption and telephone occupancy.


Basic plan

Minimum charge 50 rooms Occupancy fee formula is also available - Contact char.

0.2 €/monthlyPer room