char pmslink keycard

char pmslink is a connector that allows the registration and management Key Cards and Mobile Access

About char pmslink keycard

char pmslink keycard is a universal connector that allows the registration and management of Guest Key Cards & Mobile Access.

using the Apaleo PMS interface

It is compatible with different key system providers:

  • ASSA ABLOY - VingCard
  • DORMAKABA - Ambiance
  • TESA
  • and more

and allows the use of compatible card encoders and printers.

The Hotel is able to:

  • Record a keycard in two-steps, allowing additional options for each specific case.
  • Additionally allow access from the guest's mobile terminal through the Key System Provider's app.
Easy key card recording
A User Interface is displayed within the PMS itself (iframe) with options related to the reservation, occupants, additional accesses and particularities of the electronic locking system.
Use of any encoder, dispenser and printer
pmslink keycard will route the process to the desired encoder by adjusting the connections, options and procedures to be performed transparently to the PMS and the electronic locking system.
Mobile Keys for guests
Mobile Keys are available for guests whether they use the locking system's APP or the hotel's guest APP.
Possibility of complex architectures
pmslink is a universal connector that adapts to any type of architecture, solving complex groupings and routing, in any distribution required.

Integration features

Retrieve properties & reservations from apaleo

char pmslink gets the bookings per property.

UI Integration

You can expect an UI integration and see external char pmslink screen inside of apaleo platform.


pmslink keycard

The price includes: Provision of the service, Remote onboarding, Remote support. Occupancy fee formula is also available - Contact char.

0.3 €/monthlyPer room