showing guest information from apaleo in chatlyn in real-time when chatting with your guests!
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About chatlyn

chatlyn is an AI-powered customer engagement platform that assists you in automating client communication, reducing workload and optimizing engagement to improve customer satisfaction and boosting your revenue.

One of chatlyn's key features is its omnichannel inbox, which allows you to manage all customer interactions from one central location. This includes email, webchat, WhatsApp, SMS, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and more.

The powerful ticketing system makes it easy to assign and track client requests, ensuring that no customer goes unanswered.

The Webchat widget allows you to add live chat functionality to your website, making it incredibly easy for customers to get in touch with you.

The WhatsApp newsletter feature allows you to send targeted, automated messages to customers via WhatsApp. This helps you maximize client engagement, conversions, and revenue.

chatlyn also offers a number of marketing automation features designed to help you save time and increase leads and profits. These include keyword detection, which allows you to automatically respond to customer inquiries based on specific terms, eliminating the need to waste time answering the same question multiple times.

Integrations with CRM, PMS, POS, and other systems to help you better understand and engage with your clients.

You can also access detailed analytics and reports that provide valuable insights into customer behavior and engagement. As a result, you can optimize your customer interactions and improve your overall performance.

chatlyn is 100% GDPR compliant, ensuring that you can use the platform without any concerns about data privacy.

The web, iOS, and Android apps allow you to access your customer data anytime, anywhere.

Overall, chatlyn is a powerful tool for any business looking to improve customer communication, deliver higher conversions, and ultimately drive more sales.

Increase your sales in the short term
Increase your sales in the short term with automated WhatsApp newsletters!
Chatbot powered by AI
Implement a chatbot powered with AI to answer your customers with all your documentation, to reduce the workload of your employees and increase your customer satisfaction at the same time.
Control all your channels in one place
Control all your channels in one place, manage all messages with a powerful ticketing system and add staff from your team to never have a message missed again.

Integration features

Show information about a guest next to the chat window!

Our integration provides your agent with real-time information from apaleo. The guest asks you about his reservation via WhatsApp? We query apaleo and show you his booking information without any further ado!

Guest journey information live!

We also provide you with information about where the guest is on their journey? Already checked-out? We'll show you! Pre-stay? No problem!


Hospitality Package

Apaleo PMS integration is included in our hospitality package!