Customer Alliance

We make it easy to capture, understand, share and act on feedback and reviews.

About Customer Alliance

Customer Alliance makes it easy to capture, understand, share and act on feedback.

Customer Alliance is a dynamic tech company on a mission to empower organizations to be loved by exceeding people’s expectations. We’ve built a powerful Software-as-a-Service platform that makes it easy to capture, understand, share and act on feedback.

Each day, we proudly serve over 5,000 organizations spanning the hospitality, healthcare, automotive, and insurance industries. Our platform delivers a comprehensive view on satisfaction metrics at each customer touchpoint and provides the tools necessary to manage feedback and reviews smartly and simply. Like a GPS for the customer journey.

Elevate your online visibility and manage customer feedback without putting in overtime.

Own your customer satisfaction and embrace efficiency with the all-in-one platform for customer reviews, surveys, and satisfaction metrics.

Deliver engaging surveys and capture feedback across every touchpoint. Connect insights from your customer’s digital and on-site experience with real-time monitoring of metrics (CSAT, NPS, CES)
Transform feedback into actionable, easy-to-understand insights to share with your team. Centralize all customer feedback and every online review from portals in one smart dashboard.
Amplify your online presence, drive traffic, improve search rankings, and showcase trust by automatically distributing your reviews across platforms (Google, TripAdvisor, HolidayCheck, etc...)
With actionable insights and the powerful AI Reply Assistant, you're prepared to respond swiftly with unique, personalized responses to your customer's feedback at the push of a button.

Integration features

Automatic Guest Data Import via API

Connect Apaleo and Customer Alliance seamlessly facilitating the retrieval of diverse data, and ensuring that the surveys are sent at the right time to your guests.

Enhance guest journey with touchpoints

Retrieving check-in and check-out dates, languages, and other attributes across the customer journey, adapting the timeline to collect and understand your guest's feedback to leverage and improve your different touchpoints (In-Room, Restaurant, SPA, Breakfast, Conference, Gym, etc...)

Easy connection

Connect Apaleo and Customer Alliance seamlessly. Our support team will guide you in the entire process and we will make it easy, like preparing a coffee or a tea.



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