Online event planning and automated quoting. Save time, prevent errors, maximize revenue.
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Online event planning and automated quoting

EVENTMACHINE provides cloud software for hotels, venues and all providers of meetings, seminars and events.

With EVENTMACHINE's embedded MICE tool, events are planned online and quoted instantly directly on the hotel's website.

Hotels & venues

  1. save time
  2. prevent errors
  3. maximize revenue

EVENTMACHINE's apaleo integration allows hotels to use live availabilities and prices from their apaleo PMS. Setup, embedding into the client's website, and going live is quick and totally hassle-free. Each MICE configurator is 100% customizable.

All EVENTMACHINE plans come with an extensive feature set including

  • automated quoting for custom events of all types and sizes
  • MICE revenue management & dynamic pricing
  • automated function sheets & banquet event orders
  • eventmachine IQ instant quote widget
  • and many more.

A free trial is available for all new clients. Please visit our website www.eventmachine.xyz for details.

Save time
Fast quote configuration - automated pricing - instant quoting - automated running orders and function sheets
Prevent errors
Flawless event planning - no qualification needed - exact calculations for all event types - tools for error-free event execution
Maximize revenue
Better results with less staff hours - automated processes for a maximum of efficiency - built-in MICE revenue management - automated calculations and dynamic pricing models

Integration features

Use live availabilities & prices

By connecting apaleo with EVENTMACHINE, live availabilities & live prices from apaleo can be used in EVENTMACHINE seamlessly.

Add event specific features

For event-specific use cases, a simple 1:1 query of data often does not bring the desired results. For such cases EVENTMACHINE provides additional useful functionalities.


Plan "Flex"

for lower quoting volumes • 1 free test month • no setup fee • premium support included

65 €/monthlyPer propertyFree for 30 days
Plan "Reserved"

for higher quoting volumes • 1 free test month • no setup fee • premium support included

375 €/monthlyPer propertyFree for 30 days