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About ExpectMe

ExpectMe is a room selection platform that unlocks hidden revenue, elevates guest satisfaction, and supports staff efficiency. Drawing inspiration from personalized seat selection models in various industries like theaters and aviation, we've crafted a solution tailored to the unique requirements of the hospitality industry.

Our platform integrates seamlessly with Apaleo, ensuring real-time automation. With efficient onboarding and minimal setup disruption, we offer hospitality leaders an edge in this competitive market while providing an immediate impact on profitability. Empower your guests to personalize their stay while your hotel unlocks new revenue streams, effortlessly.

Maximise profit margin
A third of guests would willingly pay for room selection, the revenue is there for the taking. The fully automated solution alleviates front desk staff from manual task.
Drive more direct bookings
Provide room selection to your loyalty or direct booking guests, ensuring they book time and time again. Use it as part of your direct booking strategy, supporting a channel shift away from OTA's.
Improve guest experience
Guests enjoy selecting and staying in the room of their choice and having a smooth arrival experience.
Maximize operational efficiency
2-way integration with Apaleo to fully automate the booking and operational processes. Free your team from dealing with room moves, free upgrades, or time-consuming room allocation.

Integration features

Real-time availability on individual room level

We read the availability for each individual room straight from Apaleo and provide real-time synchronization. You assign a room to a guest yourself? Put a room out-of-order? We will pick it up immediately and block that room for selection through our platform.

Fully automated booking process

Whenever a guest selects their room on Expect Me, we will send them a booking confirmation automatically. We will also immediately make updates in the PMS: we assign the room and put additional comments for your information, straight on the reservation itself. No manual processes are required.

Expert support

We are a dedicated team of hospitality professionals and technology experts. With our background in Operations, Front Office, and Revenue Management, we understand your challenges and opportunities.


Basic package

Our subscription fee is charged per unit/month (minimum fee of €135 per hotel/month). A 10% discount is offered when paid annually.

2.5 €/monthlyPer roomFree for 30 days