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Expect Me

Innovative room selection and upselling platform.
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About Expect Me

On our platform, guests can book an individual room from an interactive floor plan as easily as picking their plane seats.

For years we have been used to selecting our seats on an airplane, at the movies, or at the theatre. It's now time to bring that experience to hotels!

Hotels now have a chance to drive incremental revenue not just by upselling higher room categories, but also by monetizing room selection for the room category that was originally booked. Additionally, this is a great tool to reward direct bookings and loyal guests.

We empower guests to personalize their stay by selecting and guaranteeing their individual rooms, plus a selection of ancillary products and services hotels offer them. Whatever your objective, we have you covered so that you can focus on elevating the ultimate hospitality experience for your guests.

Increase revenue
Optimize your revenue strategy by optimizing your individual room pricing, upselling and cross-selling at the right moment prior to arrival.
Elevate guest experience
Let your guests be in control by providing them with an elevated experience they love.
Maximize your operational efficiency
Stop dealing with roommoves, giving upgrades for free or time consuming room allocation for your team and let them focus on what they do best, offer the ultimate hospitality experience.
Drive more direct bookings
A unique selling proposition no OTA/TO can offer and save those commission fees. Your guests will love it.

Integration features

Room revenue optimization

*Optimize revenue on an individual room level. *Upsell towards higher room categories.


Elevate the guest experience even further by offering specific products and services to drive ancillary revenue.

Data analytics

Interactive dashboard with BI insights and analytics on hotel and/or chain level. Learn from your guests and adapt accordingly based on real data insights.


Standard package

*Prices based per unit/month (minimum fee of €125/month). *10% discount when paid annually

2.25 €/monthlyPer roomFree for 30 days