Revenue and operational analytics in a unified dashboard.
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About FornovaRI

Fornova Revenue Intelligence (FornovaRI) is a Hotel Business Intelligence suite designed to help properties of any size improve their performance by making best use of their internal and external data, while aligning the entire hotel organisation (from revenue and distribution, to sales, e-Commerce and operations) so they can make smarter decisions together.

Complex performance analytics have been made easy, because FornovaRI simplifies the process of analysing the hotel's data sources (e.g. PMS, F&B) thanks to intuitive dashboards – enabling faster, data-driven decisions for better demand generation and optimized revenue.

Key features:

  • Dynamic KPI-based dashboard for performance overview and demand analysis
  • Pickup analysis (incl. cancelation)
  • Property level and corporate level views
  • Guest segmentation analytics
  • LOS restrictions and promotions management
  • Channel breakdown
  • Benchmarking
  • Real time data aggregation and data integrity monitoring
  • Notifications and anomaly detection
  • Enterprise-ready out of the box
  • Works on mobile tablet
  • 24/7 customer success team support
Dynamic KPI-based dashboards
Fully customizable dashboard including manager report, pick-up, website performance, benchmark (MPI, ARI, RGI), guest reviews, rate comparison & parity.
Pickup analysis (incl. cancellation)
Understand pickup for a specific month and/or day, in order to track the booking pace. Understand the demand for a specific date or period (and compare it to last period).
Scheduled performance data reports
Compare historic and current performance data against targets, to analyze the success of marketing and adjust according to booking pace.
Guest segmentation analytics
Channel and cancelation analysis, forecast vs budget tracking in a single view - no flipping between different systems. Analyze your guest profile by market, source and room type across all propertie

Integration features

1-way integration

Pull ARI data for analysis in FornovaRI


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