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Gift Up

The simplest way to sell your business’ gift cards online.
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About Gift Up

Gift Up is the simplest way to sell your business’ gift cards online. It only takes 5 minutes, and we handle everything from payment to delivery.

Founded in 2017, Gift Up now helps over 100,000 businesses sell gift cards via their website, both digital and physical, via our fully automated platform.

Setup is quick and easy and can be completed in minutes, and you only pay us when you start selling gift cards at a rate of 3.49% of each gift card sold, with no monthly fees.

You get paid 100% of the gift card revenue immediately and can redeem the gift cards via your Apaleo dashboard, our mobile app or our dashboard.

Sell vouchers online and in-store
Sell vouchers online via our drop-in checkout that can be installed on any website, and redeem in-store via Apaleo.
Fully automated
We handle everything from payment to delivery

Integration features

Redeem vouchers directly within Apaleo

You can look up and redeem balances, whilst simultaneously transferring the balance to a folio, directly within the Apaleo PMS.


Pay as you go

No monthly fees No setup fees 3.49% fee when you sell a gift card

3.49%/monthlyTransaction fee
Pay in advance

Save up to 45% off our Pay as you Go rates

1.9%/one timeTransaction fee