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About myGuestMailing by detco

myGuestMailing opens a direct communication channel to your guests. It allows you to set up a variety of different mail types that and lets you customize what kind of information you want to display. The following mail types are available as of today:

  • Booking confirmation
  • Booking modification
  • Invoices
  • perStay Mails
  • postStay Mails

Define yourself which e-mails are sent automatically and which e-mails are sent on-demand from within Apaleo. You can customize e-mails by including your hotel-logo and the hotel-description as well as changing the color of some elements, adding custom sections of texts and add Informations about the reservation directly form apaleo. When sending on-demand e-mails, you can additionally include an individual comment in the mail, attach a payment link and add further attachments.

You are missing a feature or would like to have a completely customized Template? Feel free to contact us and we'll see what we can do!

Automate your e-mails
With myGuestMailing you can freely decide what mails you'd like to automatically deliver. For pre- and postStay mails you can also decide when to send the information.
Re-Send Mails on reservation level
Guests are asking for mails to be delivered to a different mail adress or just can't find them in there inbox? Just send them again - with our iframe integration on reservation level!
Customize Layouts
Add your own logo/ picture, custom texts and reservation details to your mail templates.
Attach additional information to your mails
You want to send a PDF of your houserules or something else attached to one of your mails? Add a custom attachment to your mail setup.

Integration features

UI integration in apaleo

you can expect an UI integration using myGuestMailing


Basic plan

Send On-demand within. Apaleo UI

0.5 €/monthlyPer roomFree for 30 days