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About HiJiffy

With HiJiffy's Guest Communications Hub hoteliers boost direct bookings, increase upselling, automate processes and provide instant answers in 130+ languages to guests on their favourite social media, messaging apps and more.

HiJiffy's Guest Communications Hub is powered by its proprietary AI - Aplysia OS - allowing hoteliers to increase revenue from direct bookings and upselling while automating repetitive tasks to reduce operating costs and mitigate staff shortages in the industry.

In the pre-stay phase, HiJiffy's conversational AI ensures instant responses to frequently asked questions with automation rates above 85%, in more than 130 languages, and on different hotel communication channels - from a webchat on the website to Facebook or WhatsApp, from Instagram to Google My Business.

The solution guides guests through the booking process wherever they are, 24/7, without the need for human interaction and with full integration with hotel management systems.

During the stay, in addition to facilitating the digitalisation of processes such as check-in or check-out, HiJiffy's solution allows guests to obtain instant answers about the operation of the hotel and to request in a simple and contactless way any type of service that the hotel offers: reserving a restaurant table or a spa treatment.

The solution also automates room service, as well as other types of requests related to maintenance, thanks to integrations with hotel management systems.

In addition to upselling campaigns, using HiJiffy’s solution, hotels can also share satisfaction surveys and develop campaigns to promote reviews in an automated way during departure.

Pioneer in Voice Assistants and GPT-4 in Hospitality HiJiffy launched the first voice assistant specialised in hospitality in December 2022. Representing a new paradigm in guest communications by being able to handle complex voice interactions, the multilingual virtual assistant uses complete sentences and provides instantaneous voice responses that mimic a human-like interaction.

In March 2023, HiJiffy launched the first hotel chatbot powered by GPT-4, which uses the power of Generative Artificial Intelligence to handle guest inquiries and requests with unrivalled accuracy and automation.

Increase revenue
Maximise profit across all the steps of the guest journey. Increase direct bookings and unlock multiple opportunities for room upgrades and upselling.
Improve guest experience
Exceed your guests’ expectations with an engaging experience. Provide customised and instant replies, streamline queries and perform bookings wherever guests are.
Boost guest satisfaction
Deliver memorable experiences with stellar customer service. Increase guest satisfaction and get rewarded with retained customers, positive reviews and referrals.
Automatise procedures
Enable digital interactions without losing the “human touch”. Enhance the guest experience by automating processes and free up staff to perform more complex and valuable tasks.

Integration features

Retrieve properties & reservations from apaleo

HiJiffy gets the bookings per property to HiJiffy on a set time every day to avoid manual manual inputs and automatically send messages to guests.

Use the data you want

You’re in control! HiJiffy will be using data by default like email adresses or phone numbers for each booking. You will then have the choice to personalise and time various messages based on the data of your choice (first name, last name, nationality, etc...).



Allow guests to book at any time with the guidance of a virtual agent on the website or directly on their favourite social media

1.99 €/monthlyPer room

Digitalise the entire guest journey with powerful automation

3.99 €/monthlyPer room