HKeeper reduces your hotel’s operating costs by up to 30%, increases guest satisfaction.

About HKeeper

HKeeper software reduces up to 30% of your operating expenses, saves up to 20% of your administrative work time, and increases your guest satisfaction.

The HKeeper architecture consists of 18 main modules and 2 types of mobile applications: executives and employees.

A unique feature that the HKeeper offer is a Digital Room Cleanliness Certificate and Contactless Virtual Concierge with an automated guest request distribution and escalation.

The Centralized Digital Logbook and Messenger enable you to convey information to your staff instantly and in any language.

Through the Digital Tasks Management page, you can create Housekeeping, Maintenance, ToDo, and My Tasks in real-time, prioritize, schedule them, and send special alerts for high-priority tasks.

HKeeper’s Workflow and Employees modules monitor working progress in real-time and analyze staff performance by counting productive working time and time spent moving in between the execution of the tasks and tracks the time required for each task to be performed.

HKeeper optimizes quality and financial performance by highlighting the employees' overtime, standard task time limit exceeds, low balances of items in the warehouses, and repetitive maintenance issues.

HKeeper includes an automated counting system for used material resources and eliminates the need to spend time on inventory in warehouses.

The planner allows you to schedule daily, weekly, and monthly recurring maintenance tasks to ensure that the hotel is always on top of preventive maintenance protocols.

With HKeeper, you will not have any barriers to communication with your employees, as 70 % of the information in HKeeper is visual with a user-friendly and intuitive interface. Using the HKeeper mobile application, each employee gets the ability to document an event or an action digitally, take photographs, add remarks, and record all questions regarding guest requests. The application functions equally well with or without Wi-Fi.

HKeeper works perfectly for managing properties in multiple locations!

With Hkeeper, your backhouse operations go completely green!

And best of all, with HKeeper, you will not only cut your expenses, but also make money!


All 18 of HKeeper's modules

Pay as you go at the end of the month of using our software, because we are sure that once you try HKeeper, you won't go back!

4.5 €/monthlyPer room