HotelIQ by Intelligent Hospitality

Simple Yet Powerful Data Analysis for Smarter Hotels

About HotelIQ by Intelligent Hospitality

HotelIQ's Decision Cloud enables hoteliers to make better, faster business decisions.

HotelIQ is precisely what a hotelier needs.

That’s no coincidence — it’s been designed by hoteliers for hoteliers, making it the most granular and sophisticated hotel customer data analytics platform made specifically for the hospitality sector.

Regardless of your specific focus and job role (from analyst to CEO), our cloud-based software supplies you with actionable insights in incredibly easy-to-digest formats, such as quick-view dashboards, tables, and graphs.

All you need to do is pick from a varied selection of function-related apps (including Pickup, Pace, Market Mix, Booking Channel, Feeder Market, Room Type, or Loyalty Membership), combine the data with your experience, and drive your business forward.

Data Management
Transform Data into a True Revenue Driver. - Consolidate your PMS data in one place - Create Customized Data Hierarchies - Manage Data Quality at its Most Granular
Analytics & Insights
Transform complex data into interactive dashboards & reports, and predictive insights. - Purpose-specific Apps - Multi-dimensional Analyses - AI-Powered Predictive Analytics
Digital Collaboration
Align teams to achieve revenue goals. - Role-based User Access - Schedule Report Delivery to Stakeholders - Comment & Share with Team Members from within HotelIQ

Integration features

HotelIQ Connector for Apaleo

HotelIQ's utilizes a one-way Reservations, Blocks and Rate integration with the PMS to power our BI analytics platform



Data: Current year (plus 1 year history) Apps: Market segments + Booking channels + Room types + Geo source + Pickup & pace

1 $/monthlyPer room

Essential +... Data: Current year (plus 2 years history) Apps: Pickup and pace (plus historical pace), Booking Trends, Stay Trends

2 $/monthlyPer room

Smart +... Data: Current year (plus 3 years history) Apps: Account management (corporate & agency profiles), Sandbox (build your own)

4 $/monthlyPer room