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Success-based company that thrives to increase revenue and individual hotel performance.
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About HotelPartner Revenue Management

Established in 2006, HotelPartner is a revenue management and distribution service provider for the hospitality industry. Their mission is to secure a successful future for their partners by optimising profitability and ensuring sustainable growth. They achieve this by maximising room revenue and reducing costs through their unique TET-Synergy of highly skilled teams, proven expertise and the use of leading technology. HotelPartner is driven by the values of optimisation, success and security, making them a valuable partner for hotels looking to grow and succeed in a competitive market.

Qualified Team
Maximise your profits, optimise your performance and gain strategic confidence in any market situation with qualified teams with years of experience in sales and distribution management.
Proven Expertise
Elevate your hotel’s performance with our unrivaled expertise in the hospitality industry, honed over more than 15 years of experience.
Leading Technology
Unlock the full potential of your hotel with HotelPartner’s innovative technology package, monitored and optimised by our qualified team on a daily basis.

Integration features

Retrieves a list of Rate Plan

Rate Plans are returned from apaleo to list all in the application. The system can modify selected Rate Plans.


Setup and Onboarding

Experience a seamless transition to the HotelPartner Performance Platform with no disruption to your daily operations.

Full-Service Partnership

For a free consultation and a quote tailored to your hotels need

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