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About Roomgrid

Roomgrid helps you regain control over your housekeeping and maintenance operations. With its role-based focus, Roomgrid adapts to your employees' needs, making it simpler and more efficient than ever to satisfy your guests with rooms in perfect shape.

The web-based app allows employees to log in easily via QR code from their desktop, tablet or smartphone without prior installation.

Gain total control over cleaning processes
See the cleaning status of each room in real-time, let cleaners and checkers update rooms with one tap, and automatically assign your cleaners und checkers to all your dirty rooms.
Keep track of maintenance requirements
Let your team report defects as soon as they spot them. Assign defects to maintenance staff and track their progress.
Gain valuable insights through reports
Who cleaned which room and when? How many rooms needed a second cleaning? Export reports as Excel sheets, so that never need to argue with external providers again.
Coming soon: Green Choice
Save money and protect the environment by letting guests cancel cleanings via their smartphone

Integration features

Live-sync with apaleo

The app receives and updates live room status information and automatically calculates which rooms need to be cleaned as staying, leaving or longstay room based on booking information.

Detect longstay rooms

Set custom cleaning intervals for longstay rooms, which Roomgrid recognizes either by booking duration or the rate plans stored in apaleo.

Know when bedsheets need to be changed

Based on the booking information from apaleo, Roomgrid automatically displays when bedsheets need to be changed for any room.


Monthly subscription

Our pro package including apaleo connection, cancellable on a monthly basis.

1.25 €/monthlyPer roomFree for 30 days
Yearly subscription

Our pro package including apaleo connection, cancellable on a yearly basis.

1 €/monthlyPer roomFree for 30 days