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About iiQ-Check

Individual assessment and quality manager. Receive important guest feedback for your internal analysis and use the feedback on your website for more market presence

time saving
Save time by merging all the data on technical evaluations in your company in one system and being able to evaluate them conveniently at any time.
More direct bookings
get more direct bookings by integrating your reviews on your website.
Use various evaluation options such as an all-encompassing dashboard or reports specially tailored to your company

Integration features

Generate feedback

The iiQ-Check helps hoteliers to generate more feedback through guest communication, which can lead to internal insights through analysis or integrated on the website to more direct bookings.


Use the iiQ-Check to get a detailed overview of the most important portals such as Booking.com, HRS and HolidayCHeck. All from a single source.


Compare yourself with your competitors on the OTAs. Recognize your strengths and weaknesses so that you can improve your offer.


iiQ-Check Premium

The iiQ-Check premium package contains all functions, evaluation options and add-ons

99 €/monthly