In-Room Tablet (Betterspace)

Reduce your operating costs and generate additional revenues.
Fewer than 10 installs

About In-Room Tablet (Betterspace)

The digital guest directory better.guest is the most innovative digital guest directory for the entire Guest Journey. The In-room tablet Better Tab is your digital guest directory,concierge, communication channel to your guests,sales manager, travel guide and much more in one 24 hours7 days a week.

The modern infotainment center for your hotel room provides your hotel guests with the latest information, the hotel‘s own service offers, tips for trips and much more at any time. With high-quality tablet computers, you can easily increase your revenues, raise the sales of your hotel‘s own services, optimize intern processes, relieve your internal and increase guest satisfaction. The tablets receive an initial setup and are filled with individual, hotel-specific content. The design is adjusted to your corporate desing and the smart room folders will be delivered to you ready to use. Experience how easy digitalization can be.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Booking of hotel services with one click increase your turn over
  • Raises guest satisfaction and optimizes processes
  • Relieves employees and enhance communication
  • Push messages, to welcome your guestsand draw attention to special offers
  • PMS connection to automate your hotel processes
  • Feedback feature and ratings from guests already during their stay
  • Sending individual e-greeting cards with backlinks to your website
  • Travel guide & tips around your hotel
  • More than 150 language packages available
  • Plan & book the next hotel stay
  • Regional and international magazines for your guests
  • Analysis & reporting of the usage behavior of your guests
  • As room telephone the replaces the conventional phone in your rooms
  • Mature authorization concept with different user roles
  • Hotel app as a bring-your-own-divice solutionfor on the go
  • No printing costs & lower workload for hotel staff
  • Simultaneously transtlated chat
  • Check-out function and payment
  •  and much more

Integration features

Retrieve reservations from apaleo

Get all your PMS reservations and allow your guest to review the details on the In-Room Tablet.

Check-in, payments and more...

The system allows to operate smoothly, as an example you can expect to have i.e.: a Check-In process, room assognemnt mechanism, payment processing and a creation of an invoice.


better.guest In-Room Tablet

- General Hotel Information - Newspaper - Push Messages - Room Service - Adaption to Corporate Design - Anti-Theft Protection - Check out

5 €/monthlyPer room