Redeem vouchers directly within Apaleo


The incert e-commerce system for selling vouchers, gift cards, tickets, take-away offers and shop products offers a professional and comprehensive all-round solution and generates sales with a direct cash flow to your bank account. We deliver and set up the technology to be integrated directly in your website.

A fully automated online ordering process and an individually customized sales environment is your perfect support to develop your online sales and turn it into an own and sustainable working sales channel.

The incert voucher APP enables Apaleo users to redeem vouchers directly within the PMS.

Due to a deep integration to Apaleo financial interfaces, every redeemed voucher will appear on the selected folio immediately after the redemption. So every voucher redemption appears like a normal payment and reduces the amount to be paid on the selected folio.

On top of that, you're also able to use the self-developed incert APP. Applicable for accounting postings on external folios, every time a voucher gets sold on your website or once a voucher has been issued within the incert voucher management system.


INCERT has not shared public pricing.