Jana Concierge

The 5* guest experience

About Jana Concierge

Jana is an all-in-one platform that streamlines customer requests and customer communication, improves team productivity, boosts customer satisfaction and boosts cross-selling.

Offer an experience worthy of a travel agency
Give access to a web-application that facilitates consultation and requests for your services. Create complete business itineraries for your customers. Share them in just a few clicks on
Perfect your customer relations
Store all your customer knowledge. Share this knowledge between reception and concierge...
Improve concierge performance
Generate transparent statistical reports. Facilitate invoicing check-ins.
Communicate easily
Proactively engage with your customers via Whatsapp. Automatically send pre-arrival communications.

Integration features

Retreive reservations and guest informations

Sync your Apaleo reservations and guest informations directly in your Jana application



No obligation Unlimited user Accompaniment and support

6 €/monthlyPer room