JUYO Analytics

JUYO is the Analytics and Data Visualization platform that empowers your Commercial Decisions.

About JUYO Analytics

Juyo is the hotel data analytics and visualization platform that empowers hotel commercial teams to drive the most profitable business. With Juyo Analytics you can use our predefined and customizable data constellations and also design your own dashboards with interactive analytics from scratch! Using data you already own, and more.

Individual hotel or chain? No problem!

Features & Functionalities:

  1. Juyo Canvas is ultra-flexible: Use pre-designed customizable Constellations as a starting point or Design Your Own dashboards from scratch that turn data from your PMS and other sources into actionable insights. Analyze your data including:
    • Segment statistics
    • Channel production
    • Rate Code performance
    • Company performance
    • Agency performance
    • Room type statistics
    • Source Market production
    • Booking behavior (Length of Stay, Lead Time)
    • Stay Patterns (DOW, Occupancy Bands)
    • Review Scores
    • Competitor/Market pricing and demand information And More...
  2. Put your own performance into context by adding market intelligence to your dashboards.
  3. Go Total Revenue and optimize for income beyond Room Revenue to include for example F&B, Spa and Others
  4. Manage your day-to-day business in Juyo Launchpad - a central place to:
    • Build forecasts & budgets
    • Communicate on daily strategies, events and more in a dynamic demand calendar
    • Benchmark pricing against competitors
Instant ROI
Save 6-8 hours per Revenue Mgr per Week in data-work: exporting, manipulating, combining, etc. Juyo does it all for you. Once we connect to your systems the data is automatically modelled and usable.
Fast data-exploration
Juyo's UX and sorting/filtering/visualization capabilities allow you to effortlessly turn your data into insights and consequently actions. The data will tell its story and lead to better decisions.
Customizable to anyone's preference
Constellations are Juyo's pre-designed and fully customizable dashboards within: Performance, (Total/Net) Revenue Mgmt, Distribution, Sales & Marketing. You can also build your own dash from scratch.
Data in context
With integrations to external systems that give insight into competitor and market pricing, review scores and performance - Juyo places your data into the context needed to get to insights and action.

Integration features

Get more value out of the data your hotel generates every day

Juyo visualizes that data in ways that lead to quick insights on your business. Whether you are strategizing for next year's budget or looking to optimize marketing spend in markets that are more profitable than others. Juyo leads the way!

Combine your PMS data with other data sources

PMS data on its own only tells part of the story. You can define the true value of your hotel's performance by putting it into context with for example market or competitor data. Understand how an ADR increase impacted client satisfaction or how your price/value score compares to your competition.


Juyo Analytics

Our ready-to-go package for Juyo's Commercial Module, excluding AI capabilities. Contact us for a customized quote based on your needs.

2.5 €/monthlyPer room
3-month Pilot

Juyo's Commercial module for up to 3 months. If you decide to continue using Juyo the Pilot charge will be deducted from your first invoice.

1000 €/one time