LoungeUp is a guest relationship management platform for accommodation providers to increase revenue

About LoungeUp

LoungeUp is an ultra-personalised guest relationship management platform designed for tourist accommodation providers to increase their revenue, improve their guest satisfaction and expand guest knowledge.

This platform allows hoteliers to manage interactions with guests across all communication channels (emails / SMS / guest portal / chat / push notifications…) in order to consolidate the relationship and personalise guests’ experience.

Additionally, LoungeUp centralises guest data from PMS, social networks, online reputation and SMS / email / chat conversations, providing hotel owners with enhanced guest records and an ultra-fast search engine. This allows you to customise marketing actions according to each guest profile.

Throughout the stay, guest interactions are automated and cleverly personalised. Depending on guest preferences, the hotel offers additional services before the stay which leads to an increase in additional income (on average €10 per guest).

Administrative formalities are facilitated with check-in forms to be completed before arrival, and pre-completed police forms ready upon the day of arrival.

Throughout the stay, the hotel offers tourist recommendations and services, providing guests with a portable travel guide. After the stay, loyalty actions are more relevant and effective thanks to a unified and enriched guest file.

Integration features

Retrieve properties & reservations from apaleo

LoungeUp gets the bookings per property.

Digital Registration Card

Go paperless with LoungeUp and enjoy the Digital Registration Card functionality.


LoungeUp has not shared public pricing.