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Leverage your guest data and create new revenue opportunities
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About Multi-Channel CRM by Bookboost

Make the most out of your guest data! With a multi-channel CRM, you can put your guest at the centre of your operation. By identifying patterns, segmenting your audiences, scheduling campaigns, and more, you will create meaningful connections with your guests, and boost your revenues simultaneously.

A multi-channel CRM not only works through different channels but also has the messaging-first principle, so you can lead the conversation.

Increase your conversion rates
Successful cases have proven that ancillary products can sell at a higher conversion rate through other channels instead of email-only and significantly boost revenue for hotels.
Create and take control of the guest journey
Through the messaging-first approach, you can lead the conversation with your guests. This means you are proactively communicating and creating a better guest experience for them.
Segment your audiences
Your guests have different needs. By identifying patterns, you can create micro-segments and reach them with valuable information at every stage of their guest journey.
Reach your guests through the right channel
Not all guests read their emails. Now you can reach them through their preferred communication channels to bring more value and have a higher click-through rate.

Integration features

Leverage your guest data

Merge all your guest data into one holistic customer profile and use all the features of our CRM to create value-adding opportunities.


Guest Journey Plan

All the features of the Multi-Channel CRM so you can create the best guest experience.

200 €/monthlyPer property