Multi-Channel CRM by Bookboost

Use your guest data in the right way and increase revenue, save time and enhance guest satisfaction.
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About Multi-Channel CRM by Bookboost

Make the most out of your guest data!

With Bookboost Multi-Channel CRM, forget about disorganised and confusing data. You can create hundreds of segmentations and reach all your guests with personalised information.

With a Multi-Channel approach, you will reach your guests through their preferred channel, giving you 8x times more conversion than an email-only CRM, and at the same time, increasing guest satisfaction.

A multi-channel CRM not only works through different channels but also has the messaging-first principle, so you can lead the conversation, allowing you to track 2-way communications.

Get 8x times more conversion rates
Send messages through different channels (SMS, WhatsApp, email, and more), instead of an email-only CRM, getting higher conversions and turning upselling in soft cross-selling.
Increase revenue & guest engagement
By integrating all data sources into one holistic customer profile, you can understand your guests’ behaviour, gather insights, and plan effective ways to reach them.
Enhance the guest experience & satisfaction
By reaching your guests through their preferred communication channels, they will feel seen and heard (and happier!), creating a better guest experience from the first touchpoint.
Save time and forget about disorganised data
Create hundreds of segmentations in minutes! Forget about having to spend time copying data from different sources. With Bookboost, you can collect and merge your guest data and easily access it.

Integration features

Structure and easily organise your guest data

Create a holistic customer profile. Merge all your data sources into one holistic customer profile and use all the features of our CRM to create value-adding opportunities.

Create hundreds of micro-segmentations

Identify your first-timers, high-spenders, returning guests, those that booked family stays, and more. By getting to know your guests, you will identify opportunities to increase revenue.

Create hyper-personalised guest journeys

Increase your guest loyalty by directly communicating with your guests across the entire guest journey. They will remember you and the relationship will be with you and not with the OTAs.


Outbound Communication Plan

All the features of the Multi-Channel CRM and the Guest Journey Scheduler so you can create the best guest experience.

6 €/monthlyPer room
Full CX Platform

Handle all inbound & outbound communication - on the right channel, at the right time, to the right profile.

8 €/monthlyPer room