Multi-Channel CRM by Bookboost

Use your guest data in the right way to grow your revenue, save time & increase guest satisfaction.
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About Multi-Channel CRM by Bookboost

Elevate your hotel's guest experience with Bookboost's Multi-Channel CRM – a holistic solution designed exclusively for the hospitality industry.

Seamlessly effective and user-friendly, this CRM harnesses the power of data to offer a comprehensive understanding of your guests. You will gather all the insights you need to power up your offerings and make data-driven decisions that enhance guest satisfaction.

With a visual and clear mapping of the guest journey, you will know what is being sent at every stage of and on each channel -not just email. With advanced targeting and personalised communications, conversions soar, while automation boosts marketing efficiency.

Uncover new revenue streams, increase conversions and engage with your guests using the right message on the right channel and at the right time.

Understand your guest data like never before
Structure and organise your data. Use website data, financial data and behavioural data to know your guests better and leverage the right insights to fuel your projects.
Save time in your marketing operations
Increase marketing efficiency with automation! Create workflows, set triggers and schedule messages. Once set up, your communications will flow on its own, no matter the time or the day.
Turn OTA bookers into loyal customers
With Bookboost hospitality CRM, you can reach your OTA bookers and create a profile for each guest. With real data, you can generate loyalty and increase revenue.
Say goodbye to lower conversion campaigns
If you only use email, your brand is losing opportunities to increase revenue. Instead, send campaigns via SMS, WhatsApp and email, increasing your conversion up to 8x more than an email-only CRM.

Integration features

Capture the right data and increase guest loyalty

Direct bookings are key to increasing revenue. Bookboost’s CRM will help you reach your OTA bookers, get their guest details and create personalised campaigns for them. By getting direct access to your guests, you will deliver value, increase loyalty & foster bookings in your owned channels.

Personalise campaigns in the way you want it

Say goodbye to complicated and outdated tools. Bookboost’s CRM allows you to segment your guests into hundreds of audiences (first-timers, returners, high-spenders, type of room, and more), and personalise your messages accordingly.

Build Clear & Easy Guest Journeys

From pre-stay to post-stay, gain absolute control and clarity over all touchpoints. Get an overview of what is being sent on every channel. Build guest journeys for each of your properties, use templates, drag and drop, and use automation across properties to save time for your team.


CRM Expert

If you want to send multi-channel campaigns (Email, SMS & WhatsApp), automate communication, build guest journeys and organise guest data.

6 €/monthlyPer room
Magic Formula (Full Platform)

Handle all inbound & outbound communication - on the right channel, at the right time, to the right profile.

8 €/monthlyPer room
CRM Starter

For you who want to create email marketing campaigns, light automation and organise your guest data.

3 €/monthlyPer room