Comfortable Wellness Planning
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About MY SPA

MY SPA is a wellness planner for your beauty, wellness or sports offers. It enables every employee and external sales partners to make a verified reservation for a treatment whenever your guest asks you for it.

From the moment you create a reservation, the guests are introduced in MY SPA. Arrangement components - packages and individual services - are transferred to MY SPA for fulfillment. In this case, they are already booked as fixed services on the guest invoice and are not billed additionally.

Stay data, fellow travellers and their guest profiles are imported - with all personal data. The language of the guest determines the language of the customer documents, if translations are provided. So all reservation changes are visible in MY SPA, so that e.g. the room number is always up-to-date.

Additionally booked treatments, item sales and gratuities are charged to the guest profile of the traveller or the main folio of the reservation. Guest checks can be generated at the spa desk for the guest to sign.

Day Spa guests can be checked in to a Day Spa account, in this case they receive their final bill at the Front Office. Alternatively, we offer our web-based MY POS cash register as an add-on: transactions from MY SPA are settled directly and, depending on the country, may be signed for fiscal purposes. These sales and the used paymethod are also sent to the hotel system for information.

Send Services and packages to MY SPA
Services, which are included in the reservation, will be sent to MY SPA: No more mails or calls, the spa will be informed about any service, that is already booked on the guest's hotel invoice.
Plan availabilities
No need to know who can perform which treatment, is the person available, is the room free? When will the guest arrive? All this is handled comfortably in MY SPA.
Guest IBE for direct booking
Guest may book directly into the MY SPA calendar, follwing all additional rules you have set up.
Spa Article Sales
Manage your spa sales items in MY SPA. Stock, commissions and inventory list will be managed automatically.

Integration features

MY SPA is native webbased - Cloud ready

You do not need a workstation or computer installation, but use the browser on your devices. The software is installed on a private virtual server - where is your choice: in our cloud, on a server on your premises or in a data centre.

apaleo - MY SPA Service Mapping

The apaleo services can be mapped by sub-category, package or as individual services. This allows the spa to see directly which services have already been booked for the guest in apaleo.


MY SPA Basic License

Monthly costs for one property including hosting & webspace, SSL encryption, daily encrypted online data backup and programme updates.

195 €/monthly
Add. Module: Interface apaleo

Two way communication: get reservaions and services, post additional services, tip and SPA articles

49 €/monthly
Add. Module: Guest IBE

The booking site for your guests offers login options for hotel and day spa guests, to book appointments and packages directly into MY SPA.

49 €/monthly
Add. Module: Article Sale

Manage your SPA items sales with automatic stock, commissions and inventory reports.

29 €/monthly
Add. Module: Course Planning

Manage your offers for group events: sports classes, but also Day spa contingents

29 €/monthly