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Monitor and manage your traces centrally and device-independently
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About myTraces by detco

In a hectic day to day business its sometimes easy to forget the small but important details. myTraces, makes it easy for you to keep track of all the little tasks that go into running your hotel and guarantee a smooth and pleasent stay for your guests!

With myTRACES you can view relevant traces centrally or at reservation level, allowing you to have a great overview on which traces are pending in the immediate future. The allocation of roles gives you the possibility to escalate tasks in time and guarantee a smooth and pleasent stay for your guests.

Creating traces will become routine with myTraces. Due to the ability to create templates, the most important traces can be created within minutes. For reoccuring traces it is even enough to create a trace once.

Key Features:

  • fast loading times
  • Export of current traces (PDF, Excel, CSV and a direct printer link)
  • Filter and search options that allow you to selectively work through the correct trace
  • Responsive design: device independent functionality
  • View your already completed tasks
  • Attach any file format to a trace
  • Create new traces based on templates, that you can design
  • Assignment of roles to tasks
  • Hierarchical user rights based on apaleo roles
  • Direct integration into your apaleo dashboard
  • Easy to trial: month-by-month payment, no long-term tie in.
Responsive Design
Device independent functionality
Export your Traces
Exports are possible in Excel, CSV or PDF Format
Intuitive Design
Create reocurring traces, attach files and assign roles
Create Templates
Create templates and save time creating tasks

Integration features

Embedded UI component in Apaleo

With this app you can expect an additional visual component in the apaleo system.


myTraces Standart

No minimum Fee

29.9 €/monthlyPer propertyFree for 30 days