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About Oaky

Automate. Personalise. Upsell

Oaky is an upselling software that helps hotels boost their revenue by offering relevant upgrades & services to their guests throughout the whole guest journey. With automation, segmentation & dynamic pricing, it maximises the average spend per guest and removes manual work. Oaky has been recognised as the Best Upselling Software by Hotel Tech Report for 6 years in a row and is trusted by hotels, groups and chains across the globe, including the ONYX Hospitality & Radisson Hotel Group.

Oaky drives additional profit and enhances the guest experience through:

  • Pre-stay Upselling: Using firsthand data & insights, Oaky sends targeted room upgrades & services to the right guest at the optimal time pre-arrival. It helps inform your guests about available offerings and encourages them to spend more.

  • Front-desk Upselling: Transform your upselling efforts at the front desk and boost ancillary revenue by 5-9 times. Your front desk agents get instant access to the information they need for more successful upsells, such as room upgrades/services availability, pricing as well as guest reservation data.

  • In-stay Upselling: Provide guests with ongoing access to your upselling deals through QR codes or in-stay messaging. Let them browse and book deals at their convenience and help your team handle guest requests faster.

Instant Hotel ROI
70% of hotels generate revenue on the day of going live
Improved ADR & RevPAR
RevPar contribution of 2-5%
Excellent conversion
Deal conversion rate of 10.8%
Save 5 minutes per request with 2-way integrations

Integration features

Full automation

2-way PMS integration allows you to run Oaky in 100% pilot mode. No manual work, full personalisation and more time to focus on other areas of your business.

Dynamic pricing: Room upgrades and check-in

Sell rooms at competitive prices with optimal, automatically-applied discount. Oaky pulls your pricing strategy from RMS then calculates dynamic upgrade supplements for all room types. Finally, Oaky sells the dynamic room upgrade or service to the guest

Real-time availability

Guests are offered only available room types.


Pre-stay Upsell

Automate pre-arrival communication while offering relevant services and upgrades to your guests.

5%/monthlyGenerated revenue
In-stay Upsell

Give your guests continuous access to relevant services throughout their stay.

5%/monthlyGenerated revenue
Front-Desk Upsell

Turn your front desk agents into upselling superheroes

5%/monthlyGenerated revenue