Performance Board (by HQ revenue)

Performance Board (HQrevenue)

Performance Board is multi-dimensional PMS tracking solution engineered for continuous analysis.
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About Performance Board (HQrevenue)

Performance Board is multi-dimensional PMS tracking engineered for continuous analysis. A cloud-based software with an interactive and beautiful interface bringing together OTB and revenue data and relying on robust algorithms that ensure the vast amounts of market information out there are always accessible to every revenue management team.

Advanced features for every pricing expert:

  • Dynamic pickup tracking
  • Rolling forecast powered by adaptive machine learning
  • Revenue target setting, and tracking of ADR, RevPAR and room nights
  • Analysis of the current year and the next 365 days
  • Annual view with aggregated changes
  • Real-time market data integrated from HQ revenue Market Intelligence
Increase revenue
Compare your OTB numbers to forecast, the current market situation, and historical business data. Get a deeper understanding of your PMS data and spot anomalous days early.
Save time
Instantly use automatically compiled reports and swiftly scan through relevant KPIs in a highly interactive table.
Minimize errors
Leverage machine-learning, rely on automated processes, and capitalize on data-driven decisions.

Integration features

1-way integration

Pull your PMS occupancy and revenue data in a fast, secure, and reliable way.



- Rolling 3-month analysis - Seven days of historical data


- Analysis for current year + 1 year ahead - 90 days of history - Annual view with aggregated data - Budget targets and potential tracking

59 €/monthlyPer property