Pxier Spa

Cloud-based tool designed to increase productivity and improve efficiency of your SPA facility
Fewer than 10 installs
apaleo Certified

About Pxier Spa

Pxier’s SPA management is designed to increase productivity and improve efficiency. The system has been designed to be user friendly, allowing you to manage appointments, customers, employees all from a single solution.

Pxier Spa integrates seamlessly with apaleo, allowing you to post charges to a guest folio. Thereby making your guest experience/journey sleek and efficient. You also have the option to post all Spa revenue to apaleo, allowing you full insight into your hotels revenue.

Integration features

Direct charge to an apaleo account

System can look for a reservation, post a charge and the payment directly to apaleo account.


Pxier Spa Basic

Up to 3 Treatment Rooms and 3 Employees

60 €/monthly
Pxier Spa Standard

Up to 5 Treatment Rooms and 8 Employees

99 €/monthly
Pxier Spa Advanced

Up to 10 Treatment Rooms and 15 Employees

129 €/monthly