Cloud based RMS, offers analytics, competitor rate shopping and rates recommendation.
Fewer than 10 installs

About RevControl

RevControl offers all the features you need to make your Revenue Management Easy! RevControl’s dashboard visualises data in numbers, index tables and charts. RevControl compares today’s Business on the Books to last year’s final results, historical data and your budget. In the Rate Shopping section you can track daily rates of your most important competitors and use the competitor index to align your rates with the market. Our smart algorithm recommends your optimal daily rates by combining BOB, forecasted occupancy, competitor rates and your own business rules. Use the rate calendar to easily verify rates and distribute the BAR to your PMS or Channel Manager. The auto publish function enables you to optimise all your rates for the next 365 days automatically.

You choose how you want to be in control: manually accept our rate recommendations, or switch to automatic or hybrid mode;
Time saving
RevControl saves you time in browsing online travel agencies manually to check your competitor prices with our Competitor Shopping Rates;
All data from Apaleo PMS is synchronized in seconds with RevControl and used in various reports and statistics. This saves you time in both in data entry as analyzing the data;
Pick-up alerts
You won't miss any sales opportunity again with our Pick-up alerts and recommended rates calculated by our smart algorithm;

Integration features

Automatically calculated Recommended Rates

Up to 4 times per hour and for 365 days in advance;


Automatically publish rates directly to your PMS or Channel Manager;

Competitor Intelligence

closely monitor what your competition has done the last three months or is doing up to 365 days ahead and crunch your data;


Monthly subscription

One-time Installation fee of €950. A minimum fee of €450 per property per month. 2 online training/setup sessions.

6.95 €/monthlyPer room