Drive easy revenue with ABS-powered automated upselling.
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Our automation products deepen the connection between your hotel and your guests through Smarter Upselling.

We develop hotel automation technologies that enable hotels to present their assets in new ways. The result is new revenue, less work and happier guests who are grateful for the personalized experience.

We are the only data-proven ABS Upselling solution on the market. Hotels that have activated ABS have seen YoY increases in both upselling revenue and number of guest transactions

Why ABS for Upselling?

Because your job is not to sell guests into a higher room category. Your job is to maximize revenue from your room product, regardless of category.

Attribute-based Selling (ABS), enables three big things: • It provides stepping-stones more expensive room type upgrades. • You can mow sell upgrades WITHIN the same room type. • By giving more choice to your guests, you enable real personalization. Instead of guessing what your guests care about, ABS tells you directly.

Smarter Upselling. ROOMDEX Intelligent technology is the catalyst for new room revenue.

Five integrated components, including ABS, power the most technologically intelligent room inventory merchandising and upgrade solution on the market.

• 2-way Integration, down to the Room Number • Segmentation Automation • True Availability Forecasting Algorithm • Demand-based Inventory Pricing Algorithm • Attribute-based selling

If you are looking for incremental revenue at the highest ROI, you are looking for ROOMDEX.

Configure this afternoon. New Revenue tomorrow. ROI in 48 hours.

Immediate and consistent upsell revenue.
Configure in an afternoon. Get your first upsell revenue in 24 hours and achieve ROI in 48 hours. And then count on that consistent performance day after day. No more upselling training required.
Virtually zero maintenance work required.
It's a set it and forget it system. No more upgrade request approvals.
Automated pricing.
ROOMDEX leverages with the inventory yielding you have already created and adds a layer of control for finer upselling adjustment. No more static or daily pricing.
There is no upgrade request queue.
Don't make your guests wait in line for upgrade approval. Our 2-way integration with Apaleo means we write directly to the PMS. And there will be ZERO operational conflicts.

Integration features

Upgrade/Upsell capabilty

ROOMDEX easily perorms an upsell or ugrade based on the AI algorithm. Allow your guest to enjoy personilised offers to become your reservations more profitable.

On request reservation extension

Guests can request early check-in, late check out or even request to extend the stay by one or more days without having to wait on the phone for the hotel employees.


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