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About RoomPal

RoomPal is more than an app – it’s the gateway to a reimagined hospitality experience. In a world where personal service and efficiency must go hand in hand, RoomPal offers hoteliers and accommodation providers an innovative solution to seamlessly blend both. Leveraging advanced voice assistant technology based on Amazon Alexa, RoomPal transforms any hotel room into an interactive guest experience.

From personalizing the guest experience to optimizing operational workflows, RoomPal is designed to redefine the interaction between guest and host. Guests can conveniently control room functions, request services, or get local recommendations through their voice, while hoteliers benefit from the rich data to continuously improve and personalize their services.

Integrating RoomPal into their offerings allows hoteliers to enhance guest comfort and satisfaction, and also to gain valuable insights into preferences and behaviors. This information is priceless for crafting future offerings and fine-tuning marketing strategies.

RoomPal also relieves staff by answering frequently asked questions directly through the digital concierge, allowing them more time to focus on personalized service tasks that a machine cannot (yet) perform. RoomPal’s real-time translation capabilities make communication barriers a thing of the past, ensuring a hospitable environment no matter where guests come from.

Planned future features include intelligent upselling based on past guest behavior to maximize revenue per room without being intrusive. The flexibility of RoomPal ensures it grows with a hotel’s changing needs and requirements.

With RoomPal, hoteliers step into a new era of guest service – an era where innovation, personalization, and efficiency set the stage, providing guests with a stay as unique as their voice.

Save Costs
RoomPal streamlines hotel operations by automating guest interactions and services through a voice assistant, leading to reduced staffing needs and operational efficiencies.
Increase Revenue
RoomPal enhances hotel revenue by upselling services and offering personalized experiences to guests through an intelligent voice assistant, increasing guest satisfaction and spending.
Foster Sustainbility
RoomPal contributes to sustainability in hotels by optimizing resource management and reducing energy consumption through smart, voice-activated control of room utilities and services.
Streamline Operations
Your staff will be notified by RoomPal about Guest requests. But your staff can use RoomPal as well to check on maintenance tasks or the room cleaning queue and mark them done via their voice.

Integration features

Personalized Guest Service

RoomPal can leverage guest data from Apaleo to offer personalized services such as custom greetings, recommendations, and deals based on preferences and past stays.

Maintenance Management

Automatic notifications and tasks to maintenance staff when issues are detected by RoomPal devices or reported by guests.

Revenue-enhancing Services

Through additional services offered by RoomPal, guests can directly book extras such as spa treatments or restaurant reservations, increasing revenue opportunities for hotels.


RoomPal Basic

Pre-configured Settings: RoomPal comes with pre-configured settings tailored for the hospitality industry, allowing for immediate operation.

12.99 €/monthlyPer roomFree for 90 days