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About RoomPriceGenie

RoomPriceGenie is the easiest way to ensure that your rooms are priced right, every night. Purpose-built for the independent hotelier, RoomPriceGenie is fast to implement, intuitive to use, simple to understand and completely transparent. Choose to be hands-off, letting the platform act as an always-on pricing manager, or, jump in and control your price manually. Either way, RoomPriceGenie will save you time checking your rates against your competitive set and ensure you never leave money on the table. In an uncertain world, it’s revenue that you can count on.

The RoomPriceGenie Advantages:

  • Automated Revenue Generation: No need to hire a revenue manager to ‘own’ pricing. RoomPriceGenie automatically leverages your data and uses AI to determine the best room price, every day.

  • Keeps You Competitive: Your guests are comparing you to all the hotels in your market. Make sure your rate is right to win bookings without leaving money on the table. We get it right, every night.

  • Zen: Rest easy and stay focused on your guests. We’ve got room pricing handled.

  • Effortless to set up: We’ve got this - leave all the setup work to the friendly technology people. Our pricing leverages future market and occupancy data, so we don’t even need your historical data, which is unreliable in an ever-changing world.

  • Easy to understand & use: Simple and intuitive to use, regardless of technology or revenue management experience. Let the system do its thing automatically or log in and change a price manually. The choice is yours.

  • Supportive: We’re hoteliers in technology clothing, and we treat our customers like you treat your guests. Need help? We’re there for you.

+ 22% revenue
Increase your revenue charging more when you can and less when you need to.
Save 10 hours
Each week, you save 10 hours of manual work so that you can focus more on what makes your hotel special.
100% in control
Let the computer do the repetitive work but stay 100% in control.

Integration features

2-way integration

Roompricegenie pulls availability, rates & inventory data to then pushes back price recommendations into Apaleo



Free forever: Dashboard. Free for 6 months: Price recommendations. No price updates to apaleo.


Big value for smaller properties. Dashboard and price recommendations for the next 365 days, including 1 automated update per day to apaleo.

119 €/monthlyFree for 14 days

Best-in-class automated pricing. Dashboard and price recommendations for the next 365 days, including 4 automated updates per day to apaleo.

179 €/monthlyFree for 14 days

Professional reporting and ongoing revenue manager support for even more revenue. 12 automated price updates to apaleo every day.

449 €/monthlyFree for 14 days