SHR’s Windsurfer® CRS

SHR’s Windsurfer® CRS

CRS offers advanced features that manages rates and inventory in all distribution channels.
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About SHR’s Windsurfer® CRS

SHR is a premier provider of advanced tools and services that help hotels execute their best distribution strategy while delighting guests and optimizing profitability. Our custom designed websites together with our proprietary Windsurfer® CRS offers advanced features that allow you to easily manage your rates and inventory across all distribution channels, providing not only one of the best booking engines on the market but also the strongest integrations such as the one we have with apaleo and connections to wherever you sell your rooms. Year after year, Windsurfer continues to be a preferred distribution platform for a wide variety of hotel properties.


In addition to the features that are available in Windsurfer Essentials, Enterprise offers many additional optional features, including:

Chain and Hotel Group Management Features to allow regional and corporate users to add and update information that appears across multiple properties, including rooms, rates, market segmentation, and preferences, and includes:

Blended Rates that allow users to link rates to an existing rate code for blending purposes, resulting in the linked rates appearing for selection if the primary rate choice is restricted for dates selected within the stay. This allows guests to continue booking additional nights without receiving a disappointing non-availability message.

Technology with Outstanding Support that provides our clients professional account management on different levels and in multiple languages, tailored to each client’s needs.

Windsurfer® Booking EngineCrafting the Hotel Shopping Experience

The Windsurfer® Booking Engine includes many fresh new features, optimized for single property independents, multi-property groups, and large hotel brands, all geared to allow cross-selling as well as suggestive selling prompts.


When a guest is viewing availability for a desired rate and that rate is unavailable on one or more of their selected dates, a pre-determined rate can “fill-in” the unavailable dates providing the guest a desirable alternative of blended rates.


This feature brings the ability to create special rates for those guests who sign in on the hotel booking engine. Guests can then create a unique user profile that allows them to view these personalized rates, customizing their booking experience even further.



Once a guest has searched and added reservation information to their cart, they have the option to call to continue by simply touching a number on their mobile device, sending the reservation information to the hotel’s call center with a unique Cart ID for the call agent to pick up and complete the booking.

Integration features

Reservation Management

Create, Modify and/or Cancel reservations in apaleo.


Pricing available upon request

We provide flexible pricing options or transaction-based fees, depending on the volume of bookings and channels.

7 €/monthlyPer room