Smart Host

Smart communication for hoteliers and guests - Simple. Automated. Profitable.

About Smart Host

Simple. Automated. Profitable. Smart Host: Smart communication for hoteliers and guests

With Smart Host, you can communicate with your guests in a targeted, automated and yet personalized way. Thanks to automation and artificial intelligence, your hotel can look forward to more satisfied guests. The hotel CRM enables you to communicate in a personalized way in an amazingly short amount of time. And: your success is finally measurable! You get all the figures in real time at a glance in the Smart Host dashboard.

Are you changing your PMS? Did you know that most hotels lose their entire reservation history in the process? No more worrying about reservation data! When changing PMS, Smart Host ensures that not only your guest data but also your entire reservation history is not lost.

Automatic and AI driven newsletter campaigns
Maximize your communication impact by leveraging automatic, AI-driven campaigns that deliver timely and personalized content to your guests.
Automatic transactional campaigns and surveys
Effortlessly engage your guests throughout their entire journey with automatic, AI-driven campaigns and surveys that guarantee effective communication before, during, and after their stay.
Personalized offers
With seamless integration to apaleo, effortlessly send personalized offers to your guests in just a few clicks and boost your direct bookings.
Guest profile and nurture
Get a detailed guest profile with an interaction timeline containing all touch points the guest has with your hotel. Enrich your guest profiles with additional data that is collected by Smart Host.

Integration features

Use your guest and reservation data for more direct bookings

Smart Host integrates with apaleo to access guest and reservation data, facilitating automated, AI-driven communication. Enhance direct bookings and nurture regular guests through timely and personalized interactions.



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