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About Smartpricing

Smartpricing leverages artificial intelligence to sell your rooms at the best price and make your job easier.

Analyze Data
The software analyzes your accommodation's performance and location trends dozens of times a day. By cross-referencing your historical data with market data, Smartpricing always has the full picture.
Process, calculate, suggest
Thanks to the artificial intelligence algorithm, Smartpricing processes the collected data, automatically calculates and suggests the most profitable price for your rooms.
Learn and Improve
The magic of the Smartpricing algorithm does even more. Through your interactions with the platform and evaluating sales trends, the system continuously learns new information.
Automate publishing
Integration with your PMS and channel manager allows Smartpricing to publish price updates automatically and in real time. This way your online listings are always updated with the best prices.

Integration features

Integration with Apaleo

The integration with your PMS gives the perfect picture of your performances. Thanks to the integration between Smartpricing and Apaleo finding the right price will be even easier.


How much does Smartpricing cost?

The software collects internal and external data, processes them, calculates, publishes automatically

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