Let your guests bid for room upgrades! - No minimum billing and no upfront costs
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About Sponteous

Sponteous is a pre-arrival upselling solution for hoteliers. It allows your guests to bid on your premium empty rooms or enhance their stay with your products. Plus, it's fully automated.

WIth Sponteous, you can send personalized invites to your guests via Email, SMS, or WhatsApp a few days before their arrival, inviting them to bid on one of your premium rooms or enhance their stay with your products. With a simple slider, guests can name their price for an upgrade and you have the option to accept or reject the offers. The entire process can be fully automated, taking into account the availability of your rooms.

It's free to get started! Our model is radically transparent. There is no upfront costs, no minimum billing and no lock-in contract. We are commission-based only.

Unlock new revenues streams
Generate incremental revenues with room upsells, minimize free upgrades and boost your revenues with smart product offering.
Upselling on autopilot
Our platform is fully automated. It automates sending invitations to your customers, accepts offers automatically based on your business rules, and updates your PMS automatically.
Elevate the customer experience
Your guests will be delighted to design their own stay and experience our gamified approach.

Integration features


Reach your guests in a fully automated way and accept received bids automatically based on your business rules.


Choose which guest segment should bid for upgrades or create products for specific segments.

White label

Customize the guest platform and email using your colors and brand guidelines.


Win-win model - Commission based

You only pay for the results we generate. It is free to get started and our pricing model is radically transparent.

15%/monthlyGenerated revenue