In-room tablets and digital guest communication.

About SuitePad

SuitePad is a Berlin-based company that provides digital tablet solutions for hotel rooms that act as a digitalized version of the guest directory with the added benefit of increasing communication between hotel staff and guests. Using the SuitePad tablets in their rooms, guests can book spa appointments, order roomservice, book activities, and much more—all with the click of a button. SuitePads open up channels of communication between hotel staff and guests that are not available with simple, paper-based guest directories. Using the SuitePad Backend, hotel staff can send push notifications directly to the SuitePads in guests’ rooms, creating a new and more interactive way of up-selling through the hotel’s outlets.

In addition to their Digital Guest Directory, SuitePad tablets are also equipped with SuitePad Phone and SuitePad TV Control, allowing guests to make phone calls and control the hotel room TV through the SuitePad device in their room. SuitePad also has a “bring your own device” solution, called SuitePad BYOD, that allows guests to access their SuitePad interface through their personal mobile devices from any location. To help support front desk staff, SuitePad has created the SuitePad Lobby Screen that acts as an interactive information point for guests in the hotel lobby area. Most recently, SuitePad launched SuiteCast—a hotel room casting solution that enables guests to securely cast media content from their mobile devices to the TV in their hotel room. This solution is revolutionizing in-room entertainment for the hotel industry.

Integration features

View your bill on tablet

Our In-Room tablet allows you to view details about your stay, like your bill and other resrvation details.


Starting package

SuitePad´s pricing is calculated individually per hotel and needs. Prices shown are for the monthly subscriptions.

6 €/monthlyPer room