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Simple housekeeping and task management
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About Sweeply + Traces

Sweply simplifies housekeeping and task management. The free Traces add-on to Sweeply connects extra deeply with Apaleo. The Traces add-on makes it possible to open Sweeply within Apaleo and create traces for reservations.

Free taskboard for your traces

Control your whole property

Real-time housekeeping

Empower your team with task transparency

Enable service excellence

Optional housekeeping

Reports for insight

Save one day every week per employee
Our customer study with hotels of sizes 50-150 rooms shows that businesses can save up to one day a week per employee. And Optional Housekeeping frees up even more time for housekeepers.
A work environment that is easily understood
When the work environment is easily understood, it minimizes stress for team members & simplifies onboarding of new & returning employees.
Better guest experience
When all SOPs are in one place, it is easier to explain them to your staff, follow through & validate what's been done.

Integration features

Add traces to a reservation directly within Apaleo

Sweeply shows up as a "tab" under a reservation.

Reservations in real-time from Apaleo

Sweeply will get reservation information from Apaleo immediately when created or changed.

Room status pushed in real-time to Apaleo

When rooms in Sweeply are updated, the status is pushed in real-time to Apaleo.



Yes it's free

Pro 1-49

1-49 rooms

3 €/monthlyPer roomFree for 30 days
Pro 50-99

50-99 rooms

2.85 €/monthlyPer roomFree for 30 days
Pro 100-199

100-199 rooms

2.71 €/monthlyPer roomFree for 30 days
Pro 200-299

200-299 rooms

2.57 €/monthlyPer room
Pro 300-399

300-399 rooms

2.44 €/monthlyPer room
Pro 400-499

400-499 rooms

2.32 €/monthlyPer room
Pro 500+

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0 €/monthlyPer room