Sweeply automates everyday tasks for all your hospitality staff
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About Sweeply

Sweeply is a mobile- and web app that automates everyday tasks for all your hospitality staff. Hospitality managers use Sweeply to organize­ all divisions better: housekeeping, engineering, guest services, maintenance, incidents, security, etc. Sweeply simplifies communication­ and collaboration­.

The Sweeply Engine automates your whole property (rooms, public spaces, and even machinery) and generates the right tasks at the right time for the right people.

Set up rules and get everyday tasks: Create rules that match your standard operating procedures, and tasks for all divisions will be automatically generated. Rules cover tasks for all divisions.

Plan and assign tasks: When the right tasks have been created, you can plan your day and assign team members; everyone knows what tasks to do.

My tasks list for staff: All your staff will have their "My tasks" list, and you can assign new tasks and service requests to your team throughout the day.

Live property overview: See all your whole property live and see what is going on: What is the room or space status? Where is your staff? What are they working on?

Flexible issues for everything: Super easy camera-driven issues and problem management to easily capture lost&found, maintenance, improvements, etc., and change all your staff into quality agents.

Save 1 day per week/employee
Our customer study with hotels of sizes 50-150 rooms shows that businesses can save up to one day a week per employee.
An easy environment for staff
When the work environment is easily understood, it minimizes stress for team members & simplifies onboarding of new & returning employees.
Better guest experience
When all SOPs are in one place, it is easier to explain them to your staff, follow through & validate what's been done.

Integration features

Rooms in real-time

When Sweeply connects for the first time, it will fetch rooms and room types and then watch for changes.

Bookings in real-time

When bookings are created or changed, Sweeply will get the information in real-time.

Room status in real-time

When room status changes in Sweeply, it also changes the room status in Apaleo.


Pro (Under 100 rooms)
2.99 €/monthlyPer room
Pro (between 100 & 199 rooms)
2.7 €/monthlyPer room
Pro (between 200 & 299 rooms)
2.56 €/monthlyPer room
Pro (more than 300 rooms)

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