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All-In-One Software for your business. Simplifies daily processes in the spa, fitness club and more.

About TAC Software

Reservation Assistant - Spa & Activity Software:

“Reservation Assistant – Spa & Activity Software” is tailored to the needs of modern day spas, resorts, golf clubs or health resorts, including many modules and features for more flexibility. Whether fitness courses, spa packages or golf courses: the TAC software is specialized in the reservation of various resources and supports you in managing and organizing your offer.

Club Assistant - Membership Software:

TAC's Membership Software “Club Assistant” supports the membership management in every modern fitness club. Clever, effortless and simple to use designed for single or multi-property businesses.

Entry Assistant - Access Control Software:

The digitally networked software “Entry Assistant” is much more than a cash desk system. The all-in-one guest solution with access management for pools, thermal spas and resorts offers all important functions in the digital age.


Spa Management at your fingertips. Smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop: without any additional applications, employees always have up to date reservation plans at hand on all mobile devices. Responsive Design, a touch-optimized operation and user-friendly menus characterize the all-in-one solution. TAC|Sense is the optimal solution for businesses with one or more treatment rooms, as the requirements range from the creation of services to the billing of treatments and packages.


With the fully integrated payment interface TAC|Pay, single and recurring payments as well as refunds are processed easily, quickly and securely throughout the TAC software.

Self-Service Machines:

TAC software and hardware products enable fully automated access solutions for spas, leisure facilities and fitness clubs. The completely digital customer journey begins with the online booking of the ticket, through the issue of RFID medium at the TAC|Wrist dispensing machine, to admission via turnstile. The different capacities of the dispensing machines are tailored to the requirements of the respective businesses. The TAC|Wrist 900 with a capacity of 900 is intended for spas and leisure businesses, while the TAC|Wrist 144 is mainly used in fitness studios.


More than 200 interfaces, such as to customer relationship management systems, accounting or payment providers, guarantee a smooth integration into the existing IT infrastructure. The TAC software products can be easily connected to other programs via various real-time interfaces.

Learn more about TAC: https://www.tac.eu.com/en/

Benefit from TAC Software's Modular Structure
Thanks to its modular structure, there is a wide range of options for setting up the software according to the individual wishes of the spa, fintess or leisure business.
All-in-One Software Solution
TAC is the best software for your business. Our software simplifies daily processes in the spa, the thermal bath, the fitness club and beyond.
24/7 Customer Service
We guarantee you support of the highest quality. Because we want you to be well supported at all times. Our highly trained team is available at any time – by phone, e-mail and fax.

Integration features

Transfer hotel reservation from Apaleo to TAC and post charges

Whenever a reservation is created, cancelled, checked-in, checked-out or changed in Apaleo, TAC receives detailed information about the hotel reservation Including spa package information (arrangements) and other relevant information. TAC is also able to post charges to the room from TAC POS.

Transfer hotel guests from Apaleo to TAC

Whenever a guest is created, updated or deleted in Apaleo, TAC receives detailed information about the hotel guest to be able to display in the TAC software like guest name, address information and communication information.

Send all revenues and payments from TAC to Apaleo

In addition to charging spa treatments and products from TAC POS to the room bill of hotel guests (so the guest pays the service/product at check-out), TAC is also able to send all revenues and payments (e.g. cash, credit card, etc...) occuring in TAC to Apaleo for centralized accounting purposes.


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